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Seedlegals are a UK-based scaleup with a SAAS platform designed for startups. Their service automates legals such as shareholder agreements, employee options schemes and fundraising. We spoke to Anthony Rose, CEO, about our partnership.


As CEO and founder of SeedLegals, Anthony Rose explains, “The pay-per-hire model doesn’t suit the nature of start-up businesses.” He explained that it is both prohibitively expensive and encourages the wrong way of working.

“It makes no sense to use a model that makes it very expensive to hire when the nature of how we work now means that team members don't typically stay at any one business for a prolonged period.”

With Move, SeedLegals enjoyed a ‘SaaS’ style model of recruiting, allowing them to hire volumes of people at a fixed and known cost.


Before engaging with Move, they had some key challenges that needed addressing:

  • They lacked a structured, inclusive hiring process with little consistency across internal teams and, consequently, a lack of gender diversity in their cohort. Gender balance was 67.5% Male / 31.5% Female and 1% Non Binary.
  • They had no internal team and needed to double their headcount within 12 months, from a standing start of
  • 72 employees in August 2021.
  • Cost per hire was £7,000, with an over-reliance on agencies.
  • Time to Hire was an average of 12 weeks.
  • Cost per hire was £7,000, with an over-reliance on agencies


Move reset SeedLegals’ entire recruitment process to ensure consistency, inclusivity and scalability.

We introduced Hiring Manager training and onboarding to the new process and structured, persona-driven hiring manager intake meetings became the standard.

Questions Banks with SeedLegals core values woven into them and Answer Guidelines established to create standardisation and fair assessments

Sourcing: Move also launched sourcing campaigns utilising sales methodologies with a multi-step cadence enabling our team to attract and engage top talent. Our Acquisition Specialist ensured hyper-personalised candidate engagement at scale, while our Talent Partner ensured SeedLegals Hiring Managers were informed and guided, quarter-backing the hiring process. 

"I love the model we have with Move, we can hire a huge numbers of people at a fixed known cost"

- Anthony Rose, CEO & Cofounder


  • Decreased Time to hire from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • Decreased cost per hire from £7000 to £2400.
  • Hiring rate went from an average of 2 to 6 hires per month.
  • Decreased agency spend from 33% to 0%
  • Improved gender diversity of employees from a split of 67.5% Male / 31.5% Female / 1% Non Binary to 51% Male / 48% Female / 1% Non Binary
  • SeedLegals Hiring Managers also rated Move at an 8,7/10 when reviewed.
  • Move was recently named a finalist in the In-house Recruitment Awards 2022 for their work with SeedLegals.
"Move has transformed the way we've grown our business."

- Anthony Rose, CEO & Co-Founder

How MOVE can help you too .....

Our talent acquisition service assists our partners with high-level strategy and on-the-ground recruiting to make sure you score your ideal hires. We made over 400 hires to our portfolio companies last year — just one of the reasons we receive a net promoter score of 75 from our partners.

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