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Monese is a London and Tallinn headquartered Fintech with 400+ employees. Their mission is to create financial freedom for all those who live, work, travel, study or send money abroad. Move partnered with Monese for 18 months.


Their mobile banking app is an alternative to big banks and their vision is to reimagine the way banking works, making it easy to manage your money wherever you are in the world.

They’re global and inclusive, much like their banking app and we found Monese to be a very warm, welcoming environment for our team members with some very smart people working at the top of their game. 

The business value proposition, as well as the EVP , helped in attracting Europe's most curious minds and really helped drive results during our partnership because without an appealing proposition, it's hard to hit the incredible numbers that we did. 


Monese needed to make 100 hires within a year and were looking for support from a partner to help them achieve that. They also needed to evolve their process to enable a more joined up and efficient candidate journey. They also were looking to build their own internal recruitment function so the plan was to have Move in place working live roles and then transition to the TA roles they needed afterwards. 


  • We deployed a squad consisting of a Senior Talent Partner and sourcing team 
  • Partnered with Monese Software Engineering Squads to gather requirements and drive processes. 
  • Streamlined process to optimise for speed and experience, improving offer process  
  • We activated outreach campaigns across Tech, Design and Talent.
"Move is a fantastic partner that can really impact your bottom line, your speed to hire and your quality of hire"

- Magua Dutka, Head of Talent Acquisition

According to Magua, Head of Talent Acquisition, the best thing about partnering with Move was;

  • Move can work very dynamically and can fit into the business seamlessly 
  • We were above and beyond the rest of the market 
  • Core strengths are candidate selection, candidate experience and relationship building  
  • Our ability to really partner with Monese
  • Fintech moves very quickly, having a partner that moves quickly too was a great bonus.
  • Able to make high volume of quality hires in niche verticals 
"Move were absolutely outstanding in hiring technical and product roles "

- Magua Dutka, Head of Talent Acquisition


  • Reduced time to hire from 7 weeks to 4 weeks
  • Improve offer acceptance rate 
  • £258’000 cost avoidance (66%) 
  • Average cost per hire of £2872 
  • 97 hires across Software Engineering, DevOps, Product, Visual Design, Talent

How MOVE can help you too .....

Our talent acquisition service assists our partners with high-level strategy and on-the-ground recruiting to make sure you score your ideal hires. We made over 400 hires to our portfolio companies last year — just one of the reasons we receive a net promoter score of 96 from our portfolio founders, over 85% of whom say we’re their most valuable partner.

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