7 critical new team hires in a tight window for Farewill

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Farewill were faced with the challenge of needing to grow quite quickly while keeping things lean. Their talent team is small and mighty, but needed the extra capacity. We spoke to Melissa Trahan, VP of People, about our partnership


Farewill is trying to change the way the world deals with death. Blending smart technology with outstanding customer service, Farewill makes everything to do with death easier, faster and fairer for people all over the UK. Since opening in 2015, they’ve consistently been rated as the UK’s top death experts. We spoke to Melissa Trahan, VP of People at Farewill, about the following:


“We were faced with the challenge of needing to grow quite quickly while keeping things lean. Our talent team is small and mighty, but we needed the extra hands and capacity.”

“Secondly, with the team we have internally, there are certain kinds of roles that we’re not as experienced in. And so Move was hired to complement us with their expertise and experience in areas where we didn’t have it ourselves. They became an extension of our team.”

"Move's core strength is their ability to work quickly. Their accountability to us as a shared team is really strong. I enjoy their versatility and ability to recruit for many different roles at different levels."

- Melissa Trahan, VP People


  • Our dedicated onboarding team  gathered requirements documented processes
  • Evolved role level value propositions to weave into talent messaging
  • Deployed team of Talent Partner and sourcer

According to Melissa, the best thing about partnering with Move was;

“The Move team is dynamic. They have the breadth to cover all kinds of different roles, tech, commercial and otherwise. That was great for us because we had a lot of different hires to make, and Move was versatile enough to support us in many different areas.”

“Everyone’s just been really friendly. One of the things I always think about in terms of talent is that you want to have people on the talent side who represent your brand. So we wanted very welcoming and inviting representatives and felt that the Move team embodied all those characteristics, which isn’t easy to find.”

Was there a specific moment when you knew that you’d made the right decision by partnering with Move?

“One of the things that impressed us was their pace. The time to hire was quick. We would bring a new role into play and get the team ramped up on it. And within a week, we would start seeing candidates. So it didn’t take us very long to close many of our roles, especially on the Engineering side, which we all know can be tricky.”

“The Move team is also collaborative and wants to take feedback on board. That’s very important because I think that demonstrates that we’re a team. I like the way the Move team updates us every week. They give us a clear report that breaks down the whole funnel of every role they’re recruiting for. The clarity and level of accountability gave us confidence in how Move was working. It was also helpful for thinking through what we should be reporting on internally.”

Were there unexpected things you learned from the Move team?

“They gave us a lot of great intel from the market. And so we learned a lot about how to compensate for different roles. It was great to have the Move team not only be on top of that, in terms of the hires they were making for us but also being generous with an open was sharing back the things they were learning.”


  • 3.7 weeks average time to hire
  • £53,000 in savings compared to traditional agencies
  • 7 hires across software engineering & GTM

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