A short and sweet project to help nail some tricky Tech hires for fintech, Divido

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Divido are a London based fintech with a white label retail finance platform. Their fast and flexible platform for lenders & retailers helps  to deliver scale and ROI. We partnered with them on a short contract on a discrete amount of roles.


Divido have a strong, collaborative and down to earth culture that has kept their attrition low and employee experience high. As well as a strong culture and EVP, Divido’s business VP is very appealing to talent. They’re developing a direct to retailer platform that is set to shift the needle heavily in their favour and huge plans are in the offing.

This new merchant product is unique to Divido and is set to take a further chunk of a market that they are only scratching the surface of. They have first mover advantage and stable growth, making them an attractive Fintech for top tier tech talent


  • Lack of quality Tech candidates coming through applications 
  • Lack of internal bandwidth to cover all roles 
  • Lack of clarity on some areas, specifically requirements in QA 


  • Deployed a senior Tech Talent Partner 
  • Helped tech team identify what they needed through requirements gathering workshops 
  • Guiding tech team on market trends 

According to Stuart, Head of Talent Acquisition, the best thing about partnering with Move was……….

  • Our knowledge of the fintech space
  • Knowing the specific hiring challenges growth-stage companies face
  • Our understanding of how to guide HMs in the decision making process
  • Our tech recruiting expertise and passion for the space
  • The fact that we were able to hit the ground running and got to ramp quickly


  • 3 hires 
  • Average time to hire: 5 weeks
  • Savings: £15,000
  • Hires across Software Engineering & QA

How MOVE can help you too .....

Our talent acquisition service assists our partners with high-level strategy and on-the-ground recruiting to make sure you score your ideal hires. We made over 400 hires to our portfolio companies last year — just one of the reasons we receive a net promoter score of 75 from our portfolio leaders.

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