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Visionable had a number of open vacancies, and a lack of internal recruitment capability. We spoke to Elaine Fleat, their head of people and culture, about our partnership. 


Visionable is a London headquartered Healthtech startup. They’re reimagining health and social care for an increasingly digitally connected future with their Connected healthcare platforms. They believe that affordable, high-quality, timely healthcare is a basic human right. And to make care equitable and fair, it needs to be accessible to all. When hospitals can travel to patients, and healthcare teams can collaborate freely across multiple locations, healthcare as we know it will be transformed. Visionable’s products are making this mission an ever-more likely reality. 


Visionable needed to hire acoss tech And GTM verticals and came to us to partner with them for this hiring phase.  Their people team was at capacity with onboarding new team members and wider operational HR responsibilities without the bandwidth for talent acquisition. underpinning that, a hiring process that needed to evolve as they moved into growth mode. 


  • We deployed a squad consisting of a talent partner and talent sourcer. 
  • Ran a deep dive on business goals and role requirements and evolved the hiring process from the insights gained 
  • We activated outreach campaigns across Tech and Commercial in the UK and the U.S. 
  • We optimised their ATS, workable, and helped drive hiring manager adoption and best-practice. 
"it's just been a pleasure to deal with Move overall"

According to Elaine, the best thing about partnering with Move was……….

  • Our ability to identify culture fit as well as skills when speaking with talent 
  • Ability to scale resources up or down with changes in hiring demand
  • Our relationships with the hiring managers  and the experience we provided them


  • 11 hires made
  • Cost avoidance of £52,810
  • Hires across Tech, GTM
  • Average time to hire of 4 weeks 
  • Cost per hire of £4300

How MOVE can help you too .....

Our talent acquisition service assists our partners with high-level strategy and on-the-ground recruiting to make sure you score your ideal hires. We made over 400 hires to our portfolio companies last year — just one of the reasons we receive a net promoter score of 75 from our portfolio leaders.


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