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The context

Who are Birdie?

Birdie is a groundbreaking care platform, a complete homecare management solution. Designed to give families better visibility over the care and support they provide older adults to live happily at home.

The beginning:

We started working with Birdie following their Series A funding. We built them a recruitment function with onsite Talent Manager, Talent Strategist and sourcing team. We also helped optimise their already robust process and got to work on supercharging their outbound campaigns. We also helped define discipline EVPs with leadership through facilitated sessions that then informed Birdie’s tone of voice in messaging, job specs and other candidate touch points.

"They dealt with the whole recruitment process end-to-end. They implemented the tools, the process and they did it all in our name."

- Max Parmentier, CEO

We asked CEO, Max, the following:
How would you describe working with Move?
Move were comprehensive in their client engagement approach from pitch to delivery, they were great. They were very responsive, day and night the team was there onsite or on slack, making sure nothing dropped off.

How would you describe their approach?
Move were Quant-driven in order to remove bottlenecks along the recruitment process. Move deal with the whole recruitment process end to end. They implemented the tools, the process and they did it all in our name.

What did you think about Move’s processes?
I really liked benchmarking. It was good as they arbitrated amongst our hiring managers to help us align. It enabled us to step back and look at the role with fresh eyes. Persona Benchmarking was useful for challenging the brief and understanding our roles more deeply. It also helped to optimise the language and tone of voice of our messaging and our job specs

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