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How to Outshine 90% of Your Competition with a Stellar Candidate Experience


Ever thought of treating your candidates like rock stars?

Well, if you haven't, now is the time to start. In the cacophony of corporate recruitment, ensuring a top-notch candidate experience can set you apart faster than a riff sets apart a rock anthem. It's time to amp up your recruitment process and make sure your candidates leave feeling like they just nailed an encore at Madison Square Garden, even if they don't land the gig.

Let's dive into eight electrifying tips that can ensure your candidate experience is more headline-worthy than 90% of your competitors. Plus, we'll explore some psychology and human resources best practices that can make your recruitment process not just functional, but phenomenal.

1. Coach Your Interviewers

Think of your interviewers as your frontman (or frontwoman). They can make or break the performance. It’s crucial to train them not just on the questions to ask but on the art of interviewing. This involves understanding body language, being able to build rapport, and making the interview a two-way conversation. Effective interviewer training also includes tackling unconscious bias, ensuring that the selection process is as fair and inclusive as possible.

2. Show the Journey Upfront

Transparency is the new autograph. Let candidates know what to expect right from the start. Map out the recruitment process for them — from application to interviews, to decision timelines. This not only helps manage expectations but also reduces candidate anxiety, making the whole process more enjoyable and engaging.

3. Scorecards for Objectivity

To hit the right notes consistently, you need a standardized scorecard for all interviews. This helps maintain objectivity and reduces personal biases that might creep into decision-making. Scorecards should be tailored to each position, focusing on the key competencies and skills required. They make feedback more structured and comparisons between candidates fairer and more straightforward.

4. Use an ATS for Governance

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is like having a top-notch tour manager. It keeps everything organized and ensures no candidate gets lost in the shuffle. An effective ATS can streamline the application process, maintain communication with candidates, and store essential data securely. It also helps ensure compliance with recruitment regulations, protecting both your company and the candidate's data.

5. Feedback Should Be Reciprocal

Feedback is a backstage pass; it's valuable and should be a two-way street. Encourage feedback from candidates on their experience and provide them with constructive feedback, regardless of whether they get the job. This not only helps candidates improve but can also reveal insights into how your recruitment process is perceived and what could be improved.

6. Solidify Requirements Internally

Before you even put up the job posting, make sure there is a clear consensus on the role requirements internally. Misalignment within the team about what skills and qualities are needed can lead to inconsistent messaging and confusion during the interview process. This preparation ensures that all interviewers are on the same page and assess candidates based on agreed-upon criteria.

7. Set and Keep to Response Time SLAs

Rock stars don’t make their fans wait too long, and neither should you. Setting and adhering to response time Service Level Agreements (SLAs) shows respect for candidates and their time. Whether it's confirming receipt of an application or providing updates post-interview, timely communication is key to a respectful candidate experience.

8. Track Your Core Metrics, NPS, TTH, Glassdoor

What gets measured gets managed. Track core metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Time to Hire (TTH), and your company's ratings on platforms like Glassdoor. These metrics will help you gauge the effectiveness of your recruitment process and pinpoint areas for improvement. High scores can also be a selling point in attracting top talent.

In conclusion, enhancing your candidate experience is about more than just filling positions. It's about building a brand that attracts top talent effortlessly and keeps them engaged throughout the process. By implementing these eight tips and continuously seeking to improve based on feedback,  you can ensure that your recruitment process is not just effective but extraordinary.


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