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Our refer-a-lead program

Refer a lead, get £1000

🥁 Announcing Move's £1000 incentive program to reward our community of candidates and partners who refer new leads to us. 

🧐 WHY?

As the (currently) ‘best-kept secret’ recruitment partner of choice for europe’s most progressive startups and scaleups, we’re well-positioned to support our community in these volatile times with world-class talent acquisition at sustainable costs. Check out our testimonials page so you can see we’re not fibbing 😇.


With Move’s Refer-a-Lead initiative, you can introduce us to a key contact within growth-stage tech companies who are hiring.

If they agree to speak to us, you’ll get a £50 token of our appreciation.

N.B. that person must be a head of department or above in the organisation, 

If we’re a fit with the company, we sign terms and start a project, you’ll get rewarded £1000 as a thank you.


We’re interested in leads that fit the following criteria;  

  1. Are a tech startup or scaleup
  2. Are currently hiring
  3. You know the hiring manager(s) or leaders in the business and can introduce us directly. 


Please note that there’s NO limit to the number of Leads (companies) you can refer us to.

Step 1
Send an email introducing us to the key contact and cc in our partnerships manager, Demi, demitria.engelbrecht@wearemove.com

Step 2
Once the discovery call with your lead (or someone else at the right level in the company) has happened, we’ll pay you £50

Step 3
After the client has signed terms AND the project has run for 30 days, we’ll pay you £1000 within 5 days. 

It’s that simple 😇


We approach recruiting differently, firmly believing that world-class talent acquisition capability should be available to startups too. You shouldn't have to compromise between speed, quality and candidate experience when hiring.

This referral initiative allows us to broaden our reach and support more early-stage companies. 

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