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You don’t have to use a recruitment agency for your tricky role, there is another way

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For Heads of People at growth-stage companies, the recruitment landscape is often a tough terrain to navigate.

Balancing the need for quality hires with the realities of budget constraints and fluctuating hiring volumes can feel like an impossible task. Traditional recruitment methods, including recruitment agencies and RPOs, often fall short, leaving you stranded with high costs and inconsistent results. But what if there was a better way?

Targeting the Unique Needs of Early-Stage SaaS Companies

The heart of the matter lies in understanding the unique challenges you face. Let;s say you have 1-3 hires needed over a quarter, the volume doesn't justify a full-blown embedded partner or an in-house talent acquisition (TA) team. You're in need of a solution that's not just cost-effective but also flexible and capable of safeguarding your employer brand and candidate experience.

The root problem with more traditional approaches is their lack of flexibility and efficiency. They don't cater to the specific, evolving needs of early-stage SaaS companies, leading to a mismatch between services offered and actual requirements.

Downsides of Recruitment Agencies

While recruitment agencies have been a go-to for many businesses seeking to fill gaps quickly, they come with a set of significant drawbacks that can impact your talent acquisition strategy negatively.

  • Recruitment agencies often come with High Fees, charging a significant portion of the candidate's annual salary, which can be costly. There's also the issue of Lack of Talent Pool Ownership, where valuable candidate connections remain with the agency, not you. 
  • A big one, poor Visibility on Candidate Experience means you're unaware of how your brand is presented, risking inconsistency and potential misalignment with your values. 
  • Lastly, there's a Risk to Your Employer Brand; agencies prioritising quantity over quality can harm your reputation among potential candidates. These drawbacks highlight why recruitment agencies may not be the best choice for cost-conscious companies focused on maintaining a strong employer brand and ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Move’s Embedded Modular Recruiting: Moving Beyond Traditional Recruitment Methods

Modular recruiting services, designed specifically for growth-stage technology companies, offer a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with your needs. This approach provides:

  • Embedded Recruiting Support: A specialist TA team integrates directly with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), managing the end-to-end candidate journey—from application to offer—at a fraction of the cost.
  • Cost-Effective Structure: For a flat fee of £800 per month, your employer brand and candidate experience are meticulously protected, ensuring that every interaction reflects your company's values.
  • Bolt-On Headhunting: When the need arises for a more targeted search, our embedded team gears up for headhunting, offering this premium service at a 10% fee, complete with commercial guarantees, such as free replacements.
  • Full Ownership of Talent Pool: Unlike traditional methods, with us,the talent pool remains yours forever, with no hidden fees or strings attached.

The Benefits of Choosing Embedded Recruiting

Opting for embedded modular recruiting services means choosing a path of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. Here's what you stand to gain:

  • Dedicated Expert Team: Gain access to a team of recruitment specialists dedicated to your company's success, ensuring that each hire is a perfect fit for your culture and long-term goals.
  • Pay for What You Use: With a model that scales according to your needs, you only pay for the services you utilize, ensuring fair costs that reflect your actual usage and results.
  • Lower Cost Per Hire: By optimizing the recruitment process and leveraging a dedicated team, you significantly reduce your cost per hire.
  • Enhanced Candidate Satisfaction: With a focus on the candidate experience and your employer brand, modular recruiting helps you stand out as an employer of choice in a competitive market.
Opting for embedded modular recruiting services means choosing a path of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.


For Heads of People at early-stage SaaS companies, navigating the recruitment landscape no longer has to be a daunting task. With modular recruiting services, you can streamline your hiring process, ensuring it's not only cost-effective but also tailored to your specific needs. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of traditional recruitment methods and embrace a future where flexibility, efficiency, and candidate satisfaction are at the heart of your hiring strategy.

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