G - iOS Developer


G - iOS Developer


Specialising in mobile application engineering for the past six years, G has been gaining hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries and technologies. He is a creative and ambitious thinker who has a keen eye for ground-breaking, innovative, and user-friendly products.

Recent Employment History
February 2017  - Currently working as an independent developer developing apps reinforcing and developing iOS features within the Siri natural language pipeline
Aso working on a Camera OSX app for tethered shooting with Canon DSLR cameras.
2014 - 2016  - Mapping company. G led a team of one designer and two developers to deploy the MVP of this company’s core product, a routing app for drivers. The app consumes RESTful web services from the backend, shows the driver’s jobs on a map and offers turn by turn instructions (Swift, RxSwift, GEOSwift).

Development and design of mobile applications and mobile games
‣ MVC, OOP, Objective-C, Swift, REST, Agile, Facebook SDK
‣ Cocoa pods, Stripe, PubNub, Java, C#, Git (GitHub,Bitbucket, SourceTree), Xcode, IntelliJ, JIRA, AFNetworking ‣ Familiar with: JS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, XNA, C, SWING, LINQ, WPF, OPEN GL, SVN, Eclipse

Looking for:
freelance iOS dev work