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to use a recruiter

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Chris Haslam


Chris has been in the game for over 10 years. Starting from the bottom working his way through the ranks of some of the world's biggest recruiting brands.

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Chances are, engaging a recruiter isn’t your idea of fun. I don’t imagine you jump for joy every time a recruiter’s number flashes up on your phone.


I’ve no doubt you’ve had your fair share of bad experiences with recruiters too; an overly pushy agent with dollar-signs in their eyes, a big talker promising you the world but failing to deliver... ringing any bells? But not all recruiters were created equal. And sometimes it’s worth picking up that phone to the right recruiter, one that takes the time to understand you & your business, and trusting them to help you take your business forward…

In my experience here are just some of those times:

You’re pushed for time

You’ve identified a need to hire someone, ideally to start yesterday, but where to start? Do you pay for a job board to post an advert? Scour LinkedIn for potential profiles? Call back the dozens of applicants from when you were recruiting this time last year? Incentivise your existing staff to recommend their friends? Whichever path you choose, you could be taking on a lot of work with no guarantee of success.

While you’re likely to be starting from scratch, a recruiter is already in regular contact with dozens of people who could be just what you’re looking for. Providing you with succinct profiles of pre-screened candidates, tied up in a bow and ready for interview. Job done.

You need a particular set of skills

I don’t want to doubt your abilities, honestly, but we’ve seen these scenes played out many times before. The freelancer contract that ends in minutes when it’s established that the skills you thought you wanted aren’t the skills you need. Or the contract that didn’t last half as long as you’d anticipated, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of a freelancer you’d hoped to invite back. What about the permanent hire within a new skillset? You’d hoped they would take your team to the next level, but once they got settled in it turned out they didn’t have all that much to do, and they didn’t have the secondary skills to get stuck into anything else.

A good recruiting partner will have placed hundreds of people in your desired skills area, and the stronger the relationship they have with their clients, the easier it is to spot those hidden potential pitfalls. Helping you to determine exactly what kind of person you need and for how long, or to identify the most effective skillset to add to your permanent team to ensure a long and productive engagement.

You want to save money

No, really! Especially when you consider all of the above, getting the right recruiter involved can be incredibly cost-effective. Save time by letting us do the legwork, save your budget by not splashing out on pricey job boards, and save the stress with our guarantee of a perfect placement. After all how many times do we hear "time is money".

If you’ve got any questions or want to discuss your options, I'm here to help! You can get in touch with me at chris@wearemove.com // 0207 193 0032 for a chat.

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