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Details & Application

Job Title: Senior Developer

Salary: £70k

Location: Kings Cross

Industry: Branding

How to apply: Email or call him on 0207 193 0032

Senior Developer


Founded in the 60s and a member of one of the world’s largest marketing groups, this Global Brand Consultancy was listed as one of the The Sunday Times Best Companies to work for. In their own words, their work helps clients capitalise on moments of change in business and society by framing new opportunities and inventing new experiences. They do this by developing unique brand experiences, products that drive demand, and creatively-led business strategies. With clients that are leaders in all categories including technology, culture, media, retail, industry, and non-profit organisations.

You will be encouraged to demonstrate what can best be described as your ‘magical’ qualities – the ability to shift the hearts and mindsets of colleagues and clients to new heights and create unique, special and sustainable brand experiences. The culture is one of high expectation, where total collaboration is a given but individual inventiveness is critical. Here exceptional results are less an exception and more the norm.

To do this, they have 180 people across four offices, in three main skill groups: strategists, designers and account managers. With these main hubs in London, New York, San Francisco & Dubai.

The London office is a converted warehouse by the canal in Kings Cross, London. With a fantastic in-house restaurant and kitchen which provides free breakfasts and subsidised lunches. Aiming to encourage a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t stop there, they hold free weekly yoga, martial arts and pilates classes. On top of that there are a series of seminars and sessions from in-house and outside talkers as part of the norm.

Expect to be looked after.


Our task, that we have gladly excepted, is to hunt for a talented Senior Front End Developer to be part of their new technology community. You will be the agencies front-end-expert so you will need to have a detailed knowledge and bags of experience of using HTML, JavaScript and CSS to a wide range of products, from mobile, first responsive, web sites and applications. You will have at least 5 years of working experience within technical and creative environments and not necessarily all of that within an agency. You will not be just a builder of products to order, you will need to be buzzing with ideas founded in tech and be motivated to create amazing web experiences for people. You will be an extrovert and a communicator who is fun and enjoys a hack. Most importantly you will be passionate and optimistic about what technology can do in the world and have a keen understanding of how to code with performance, accessibility and SEO in mind.

You will be tasked with expanding the offering of the agency by building products and services for their client base. You will be working with with internal teams (designers, UX, account management and strategists) to conceive, prototype, build and deploy applications and websites. You will be helping to select and direct external technical teams (including suppliers and client technology teams). You will need to understand client situations and be able to identify opportunities for creating technology based products and services – including contributing to the initial ideas. You will sit as part of the new technology community and attached to the design community as an expert advisor in building interfaces. You will also need to keep abreast of trends in the industry and shares that knowledge with the wider team.

 Core Technology Skills

  • Experience with client side build tools such (such as Grunt or Gulp)
  • Experience of using a client side MVC framework
  • Understanding of TDD and experience of using a Javascript testing frameworks such as Mocha
  • A deep understanding of client side performance and optimisation
  • A mastery of GIT
  • Knowledge of PHP and some experience of working with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Yii or Zend Framework

Other Technology Skills

  • Some experience of Node.js with Express would be ideal.
  • Experience of working with Ruby or in Ruby environment
  • Ideally you will have some mobile application development experience in IOS and Android.
  • Experience of continuous integration and automated testing.
  • An appreciation of visual aesthetics is helpful (we do not want a designer to have to micro-manage every last pixel), but graphic design skills are not required.